Visual artists have all the fun.

Paints!  Smocks!  Glitter! Clay!

Their studios are full of color and clutter.  Their rooms display works in glorious progress.  They get to use easels, and those easels are gorgeous, even in progress.

And writers like me? An unfinished story is just a heap of words on a page in my notebook.  Or worse–a file on my desktop that snaps shut the minute I get frustrated and –poof!–gone.  No color, no dust, no scissors.  No evidence I’ve even worked today, except for what’s in my brain. 

Writing looks like a clean, non-contact sport on the outside, but anyone who’s tried it knows better.  A story in progress is a big, beautiful mess.  I want to start showing my mess, the way my painter and sculptor friends can show their paint-spattered, clay-clogged messes when they break for lunch.

Wordeasel is a place for me and for writer friends to hang our words-in-progress.  I dedicate this site to stories that are not yet finished and to the paths they will take until they are.  This means posts about the process of writing, the writing life, and even some unfinished writing.  My goal is to think out loud on the page here, and to encourage other writers to do the same. 

So.  Read, write, sling words around and let me know how your stories grow.